Your Child Will Never Play Guitar The Way They Want To Without This


The “Missing Ingredient” Your Child Needs To Play Guitar The Way They Want

Guitar is one of the best instruments for kids to play. It’s popular, sounds cool, looks cool, and can be an amazing outlet of personal expression if learned the right way.

Unfortunately, most kids who pick up a guitar are missing one crucial element they need to stick with it. 

There’s 1 Thing that most people who pick up a guitar don’t have. It is the difference between personal fulfillment and failure. With it, your child can go as far as their desire will take them. Without it, they will be frustrated, disappointed, and quit.

No parent wants to see their child unhappy. Yet without this “Missing Ingredient”, parents have no choice between seeing their child reach their potential on guitar, or watching them give up what they love.

I have seen this many times before.

Several of my students were missing this key ingredient, and I have helped them get back on track towards playing guitar the way they want.

Many times, students try to find the solutions to their problems by looking up tips and tricks online, or try to learn from a friend or family member. None of these methods work, because they don’t get to the root of the problem. There is way too much bad information out there. And for someone who doesn’t know what to look for, (most guitarists fall into this category), it’s impossible to tell good information from bad. And even if they do find good information, there is no way to know if it is the best thing to learn right now. It’s not just a matter of finding and learning the right things, but also learning them in the right order. 

The “Missing Ingredient” your child needs to play guitar the way they want is:

A Positive, Success-Oriented Mindset

Statistics have proven again and again that having the right mindset is absolutely essential to succeed in anything. Not just guitar.

Learning guitar has it’s share of difficulties. And in order to overcome the challenges the guitar has, your child needs the determination to get past them.

When meeting challenges, people who don’t have a success mindset, don’t ever try very hard to overcome the challenges, because they think that “talent is something you have to be born with.”

There are a lot of hardships that come with learning to play the guitar. And only students with the right mindset develop the determination to push through them to achieve success.

Most other guitar teachers just try to teach their students “stuff”. They show them how to play a few chords or songs, and the student is happy for a while… But without the right mindset kids never get past the stage of just knowing some “stuff”. And when real challenges start, kids without the right mindset are the first to quit.

But kids with the right mindset actually welcome challenges! And want to actually keep pushing through them until they achieve victory!

Having the proper mindset is literally the difference between success and failure, because failure only really occurs once it has been accepted in the child’s mind. With the right mindset your child will literally refuse to give in to challenges!

Why Should I Listen To You?

I am a member of the Elite Guitar Teacher’s Inner Circle; A guitar teacher coaching program led by the world’s leading ‘guitar teacher mentor’, Tom Hess. I am certified in 5 different areas of guitar playing expertise, and I have committed myself to constantly learning all the best, and most effective ways of getting my students the results they want on guitar, and reach the level of guitar playing they want to achieve.

By Taking Guitar Lessons With Me, Your Child Will:

  • Develop the right mindset, so that they can overcome all their guitar playing problems

  • Learn an incredible way to express themselves, making them happier and mentally healthier

  • Gain Self-Confidence, so they know they can achieve anything

  • Learn to play their favorite songs, so the process of learning guitar is as fun as possible

  • Learn Personal Responsibility

  • Learn to work hard towards what they really want

  • Learn not to see “obstacles”, but instead “fun challenges to overcome”

  • Have a lot of fun in the process!

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Is ‘mindset’ really that important for kids to learn to play guitar?”

YES!!! Without it, they will;

  • Get frustrated and discouraged when facing challenges

  • Quit guitar

  • Destroy their self-esteem

Anyone who has ever quit something because they thought they weren’t good enough knows the feeling of hurt and disappointment it does to someone. Don’t let that someone be your child.

It is absolutely ‘crucial’ for children to develop the proper mindset to be able to succeed at anything. The sooner they learn how to meet, and overcome, challenges, the better.

“My child just wants to learn to play songs, is mindset really important for that?”

Yes it is. Even if all they want to learn on guitar is some chords to play around a campfire, developing the right mindset will get them through any challenges that come up; in playing guitar, or in life.

Jace is a very good teacher. He is very knowledgeable and always makes the lessons fun.” -Collin

Jace is very nice, makes his lessons fun, and teaches very well.” -Mady

It’s important to me to make practice fun in order to make progress, which is exactly what Jace does in the best way.” -Brandon

Jace Bastian is a certified member of the Elite Guitar Teacher’s Inner Circle, has attended the Guitar Teaching Super Summit International, where he has been certified in 5 different areas of guitar teaching expertise;

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  • Perfect Practice Guitar Training®

  • Geometric Guitar Teaching Method® Training

  • Dynamic Group Guitar Teaching® Training


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The Sooner Your Child Gets Started Learning The Right Way To Overcome Their Challenges, The Better


P.S. Too many people fail to reach their full potential in life. Don’t let your child be one of them.